Oil Fired Boiler Explanation

A new boiler is a significant purchase and it pays to make the right choice. It can be confusing to decide which boiler is right for you. Why should you choose an oil fired boiler?

For households that are not connected to the gas network, oil fired boilers provide a clean, efficient and cost effective alternative.

Help with your options?

With so many options available, choosing the best boiler for your needs can be tricky. We can give you straightforward advice on what will work best in your property, including the best controls and boiler options.
There are a few different types of oil boiler that come with different specifications, outputs and of course prices,

Oil fired boiler System or Regular-Heat Only boiler
Oil fired combination boiler
Condensing oil fired boiler

Oil fired boiler System or Regular-Heat Only boiler

With Oil-fired boilers hot water is stored in a cylinder. Hot water is stored and made available throughout the house, but it isn’t instantaneous; once hot water runs out it will need to heat up again.

Oil fired combination boiler

This type of boiler has the advantage of providing hot water on demand without requiring a water cylinder. Oil-fired boilers are slightly slower to instantaneously heat water than their gas counterparts, so usually have a small built in storage tank and are better suited to smaller properties.

Condensing oil fired boilers

This is a highly energy-efficient boiler which captures heat from the flu and re-uses it, which is excellent news for your fuel bills.

It is a requirement that all new gas boilers installed are condensing boilers, while non-condensing oil boilers are still available there is no practical benefit in using them.

For independence reviews on Oil Boilers please visit wich.co.uk

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